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You, Too Can Be Successfulexclamation

The best proof my courses work comes from ordinary people who share their stories with others.

People from all walks of life use my money making real estate courses successfully. Retail clerks, postal employees, small business people, homemakers, factory workers, retired people and many others have used my courses to make money. They had no prior knowledge of real estate foreclosures, probate or real estate investing. YOU can do the same thing!

Check out this recent testimonial from D. O'Leary:

He is already working on his second great deal. You can do the same thing!

About 6 months ago I purchased your books over the internet. As soon as I received them I read them all the way through, twice. I could not believe that it could be so easy, so like an idiot I wasted another $300 dollars on other books and tapes that only turned out to be nothing more than a waste of money. It was then that I decided to trust your advice and I tried your formula. "The very first time I looked in the news paper I found a property that fit your description, "bread & butter," I immediately contacted the owner who said he was interested in selling. I immediately went to meet with him and after following your advice exactly as you instructed I had a signed contract allowing me to purchase his home at 50% of the fair market value.
"This was great except for the fact that I did not have ANY money to close on the deal. I then looked in the classified section of the newspaper and found a heading that read "properties wanted any condition fast closings." I called the 3 or 4 names that were there and told them I had a contract that I wanted to 'flip'. "After two days we closed and I netted $31,463.12 on my very first deal. I can not believe how easy this is. Your books have changed my life. If there is anything that I can do for you or your company please feel free to ask, I feel like I owe you. I am extremely excited about my future. Thank you very much, I refuse to tell anyone what it is that I am doing, I tell them to buy your books and learn for themselves.
D. O'Leary, formerly with Merrill Lynch,
now a full-time real estate investor,
Bloomfield, New Jersey

I want to thank Lance Young because his courses and information have provided me years and years of support, guidance and opportunity to excel in the Foreclosure field. Knowing the information he provided, I have purchased many more properties than I could have otherwise. All the newbies that now want to work for me must purchase and study Lance's courses. This material is a must for anyone interested in making money from Foreclosures very quickly and very often.
Darryl Johnson,
Corona, California
I was skeptical because I tried a bunch of seminars and did not get anywhere. Your method worked for me because it showed me one certain area of real estate investing. The best way to do this is to put a deposit on a contract and then sell it to somebody else. It works!
E. Quinn, Government Employee,
Anaheim, California
Preforeclosure Deals Made Easy...
I just wanted you to know that of the material I have read on the subject, your presentation was the most informative and useful. It is very well written and organized. It is easy to follow for the neophyte!
"I began on this journey on a full time basis in January and just got my first deed to a property. It was a text book case. Vacant property in the foreclosure process, owner who had abandoned the property is living in New Mexico and had to be tracked down (unlisted phone number, etc.) and best of all, she turned over the deed for $100 just to be done with the whole thing.
"My investor and I will realize about $20,000 apiece upon sale after all expenses are taken care of. Not bad for a first deal!!!
W. Davis,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Another Preforeclosure Success Story
When I first read your preforeclosure course I wasn't sure I could do it. So far I have bought 4 houses and made $11,650, $12,500, $8660 and $6,300. Your course should be used by anyone who wants to make a lot of money.
Karen De Loy, Bartender,
Hyattsville, Maryland
New Student Earns $45,000 On His First Preforeclosure Deal
I have been in sales for over 20 years and was definitely skeptical of Mr. Young's claim that I could make a year's salary or more with only $10.00 of my own money and no credit to speak of.  Yet after reading the books, I was able to complete my first deal in 16 hours of work, with only $10.00 and a pen.  I made $45,000.00 profit, and now I ride to work on that Harley Davison I always wanted - thankful every time I ride to Mr. Young.
John O'Neill,
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

First-timers Profit With Probate Houses
When we first met Lance Young at the ReaL Estate Expo in Las Vegas in February 2006, we were a little skeptical about buying some materials that cost less than $150 figuring there could not be much information in there.
Boy were we wrong!!! Lance's material is simple to understand (we were newbies) and straight forward. His sample probate letters work! We sent out our first batch of letters (only 28) and started getting calls. Not everything was a deal of course but it generated leads which is what everybody wants, right???
Our second batch of letters (only 17) landed us our first purchase. A half duplex for $107,246. We updated the propery and resold it 6 months later for $157,000. After it was all said and done, we made a profit of over $11,000 (and we made every mistake possible).
We still use Lance's material and sample letters. We are still getting calls looking for that deal.If you are a newbie like we were, hang in there.....the deals do come if you stick with a proven method like Lance's.
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Thompson,
Abingdon, Maryland
Real Estate Investor Shares His Story
I have purchased your courses on probate and preforeclosure and found them to be not only informative, but just what I needed to get started.  I have been buying fixer-uppers and re-selling them for the past several years and know there has to be a better way to buy these properties right.  Your courses have proven that, as have the testimonial cases you've shown in your emails. Thanks for your help.
Ron Barraclough, Real Estate Investor, Phoenix, Arizona
Thank you for writing such an awesome and simple program! I still can't believe how easy it is! I have purchased numerous real estate books, but none of them have kicked me in the pants to action like your ebooks! I went out looking right after I finished the book and first ebook! I read all your ebooks and have really enjoyed your down to earth style. You definitely follow the KISS  philosophy. Whenever people ask me for Real Estate book
recommendations, I'll tell them to order from you.
Thanks again!
J. Runnells,
Las Vegas, Nevada
Preforeclosure Investing Success
My name is Van Espree of Property Buyers of Michigan. Here in Detroit, your real estate investment programs are true moneymakers yes, I have made money ($$$) with them! Keep up the good work, and keep the good information coming.
Van Espree, Real Estate Investor,
I have been checking out many foreclosure materials and was not sure which one to get. I decided on getting yours and I have to tell you that your information ROCKS.
It was easy to follow and Straight to the point. You left out all of the small talk. I love it.
Nellis Silverio,
Plano, Texas
Preforeclosures Can Make Your Dream Home Possible
I didn't think I could do it but I'm convinced! The course gave me what I needed to buy my house at a big discount. I was able to afford a bigger house. I wish I had this information when I was 21 instead of now when I'm 42.....
Michael Washington,
Houston, Texas
No Need for a Ph.D. in Preforeclosures
I purchased your books a while back and wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your down to earth, straightforward, no BS approach to teaching these courses. I have done many courses over time and find it refreshing to learn from some one with your style.
David Jackson, Raleigh,
North Carolina
Lance, thanks for the advice!
I found an investor, through an ad. I flipped the property to him, he then cashed me out for $40,000. Following your guidelines, the whole thing only took two weeks.
Tom Montes,
Alta Loma, California

Big Profits From Preforeclosure Homes
I purchased your courses about a year ago and have made a ton of money utilizing your techniques. Although, I am able to buy and hold properties now, I still flip some of my deals.
"My most recent transaction happened on 12/27/06 two days after X-MAS, I contacted a home owner who did not reside in the property anymore. However, his ex-wife was occupying the property with her new boyfriend, but was not making the payments. The property was in foreclosure and was scheduled to be sold on the court house steps on 1/09/07.
"I put the property under contract on 12/27/06 with $1 as my earnest money deposit and promised him $500 and his ex-wife $500. I flipped this property to another investor for a net profit of $11,214.40 on 1/05/07. Not bad for about 6hrs of total work if that long.
"There's currently about 1700 -1900 properties in metro Atlanta in preforeclosure every single month. If I can't make a living on that large of market, I need to exit the business. Again I thank you for the knowledge and wish you and all your subscribers much success in 2007.
Stanley Marshall,
Marietta, Georgia
No Deep Pockets Necessary for Preforeclosure Home Profits
I bought your course a few years back. I used a technique in your course. Funny thing is, I used no money to secure a few deals I did. I have made money many times using your methods.
I would like to thank you for getting me started.
Clyde Gray Jr., Administrative Assistant, Dorchester, Massachusetts
Best Real Estate Investing Course I've Found!
I have found that Gateway Investment Properties course, "How To Buy Preforeclosure Houses For Big Profits" to be THE most informative course I have read on the subject. The Fast Start section gives you clear, easy steps on where to go next. I am ready to start making deals already!
Matthew Kuchnert,
San Jose, California

[Full information on all original testimonial letters are on file.]

Want to see proof of how win win this is?

A real-life testimonial from a homeowner who was in foreclosure
The following real-life testimonial was written by a homeowner who was happy to sell her home to me rather than lose it to foreclosure. I was able to make a huge profit and help the homeowner by using the exact same methods found in my preforeclosure course.

This real-life testimonial was signed and notarized by the homeowner and a copy is on file in my office.  

Even with the way the economy has been going recently, I'm steadily making money in my spare time, and you can be, too! In case you're wondering how I've done lately, here are some of the recent net profits I have made. I accomplished each of these deals in less than 10 hours a week. Many of my students are making profits just as large. You can do it, too!


On my latest probate deal, I made $116,500. I did not use any of my own money on this deal. YOU can do the same! For more information click here and go to the Frequently Asked Questions page.


I have since found TWO more probate houses! Stay tuned because I will post the profits from these two deals very shortly! Read how I recently turned $20 into $8,500 in 15 days by clicking here.

There was nothing special about any of these deals. You can make money with foreclosure and probate houses in every corner of the U.S. When will you decide it's time for YOU to make easy money like this?


Recently, I made $17,925 on a preforeclosure house. This was one of the easiest deals that I've ever done. The homeowner was in foreclosure and was eager to sell his house at a deep discount. His words are still ringing in my ears, "You take over the debt on my house and give me $6,000 and I'll be happy to sell you my house.

Since he owed very little on the house, I ended up getting it for less than what the land was worth! I quickly resold it for a $17,925 profit. Did I mention that you can do the same thing?

Here is a list of the profits I have made recently using the exact same methods contained in my courses. All of the profits listed on this page are actual net profits. 

These profits were made on preforeclosure houses, bank repossessed houses and probate houses. Have you decided yet that it's time YOU enjoyed profits like these?

[Full information on each of the deals listed above are on file in my office.]

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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