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Discover the 4 methods you can use to make over $53,000 a year in your spare time!

Completely updated for the current real estate market!

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Everything you need to succeed at real estate investing! My complete course shows you step-by-step how to make money using all 4 profitable real estate investing strategies.

Using all 4 methods is, without a doubt, the best way to make the most money. When you buy the complete course, you get all four books, plus the 2 bonus CDs and the property liens booklet.  Click the images below to get a preview of the table of contents.

1Preforeclosure Homes Course


Today, thousands of homeowners across the nation are in financial trouble and cannot meet their mortgage payments. Many of them are in foreclosure now, and many more are in preforclosure.

Some are unable to make their payments because they’ve lost their jobs or had their salaries cut. Others have faced illness, death of a spouse, or divorce.

But no matter what the reason, the bottom line is there are thousands of homeowners who can’t make their mortgage payments. They’re facing imminent foreclosure and need to sell as quickly as possible to avoid the damage to their credit. And of course, they’d like to get a few dollars in return for the thousands they’ve spent on payments over the years.

This spells opportunity for you as a real estate investor…  

These homeowners would much rather take a small sum for their equity now than lose both their credit rating and every dime of their equity through a foreclosure – so you’ll be helping them as well as yourself when you purchase their homes.

My course, How To buy Preforeclosure Houses for Big Profits, will show you how to find and contact those homeowners. It will also show you how to present your offer and buy those houses at a deep discount before the foreclosure auction takes place.


But what if there is no equity?

Experts estimate that 90% of all preforeclosure homes are “underwater” today. That means they owe more to the bank than the home is worth in today’s market. Those homeowners can’t sell to you at a discount.

That’s why my course teaches you how to find the 10% who do have equity and are free to sell to you at a discount.

It isn’t as easy as some want you to believe. In spite of the big claims made by late night television hucksters who want you to purchase their courses, buying preforeclosures is not a walk in the park. For example, you will need to know how to find the fair market value of a property before you agree to buy it. You will also need to know exactly what costs will be involved so you can clearly determine if there is potential profit in the deal.Preforeclosure investing is very profitable, however, it requires time, knowledge and effort.

How To buy Preforeclosure Houses for Big Profits shows you exactly how to choose properties that will be profitable. You will know the exact costs of orchestrating a real estate deal before you enter into an agreement to buy the property.  This will enable you to see if there is enough profit in the deal for you. Then it shows you step by step, how to deal with the homeowners to get the sale closed, and the best way to resell quickly for maximum profit.

One more thing…

When buying preforeclosure properties, you might worry that you’re taking advantage of someone. You’re not.

When you help someone avoid foreclosure, you’re helping them move forward in life with a greater chance for success. I’ve even had homeowners write me after the sale was closed, just to say thank you.

A real-life example of a preforeclosure deal

I purchased a preforeclosure house worth $240,000 and paid only $153,600 for it. The owner had moved out of the house months before and was ready to let the house go to auction. I called the owner and found that she would be happy to sell me the house at a deep discount. After filling out a simple contract to purchase the house and making a $10 deposit, I turned around and sold the house -- the same day -- for a $25,000 profit.

I did this by selling the contract to another investor I knew. By purchasing my contract, the investor then had the right to buy the house for the amount agreed upon in the contract, which was $153,600, plus my fee of $25,000. So, the investor paid a total of $178,600 for a $240,000 house. Think of all the people in your town who would jump at the opportunity to pay $178,600 for a house worth $240,000!

Best of all, this deal helped everyone involved: The homeowner received money because she owed the bank much less than the $153,600 she received. She was able to save herself from foreclosure and still walk away with thousands of dollars in her pocket. I received a huge profit for finding the deal, and the investor who bought the house got it dirt cheap. Everybody walked away with a good deal. My course will give you all the information you need to find deals like this.

And don't worry about deciphering complicated real estate contracts either. Once you've read the clear and detailed examples provided with my course, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can fill one out. I'll even show you how to fill out a contract so that you have absolutely no obligation. That's right, you can back out of the contract anytime you wish. No risk!

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You can use this method to make tremendous profits in real estate investing without spending a lot of time or money. You don't need a license. You don't need a college degree. You don't need any experience in real estate at all. All you need is $10 to use as a deposit on a real estate contract, and a few hours of spare time each week.

Income aside, you can also use this fantastic system to buy a beautiful house for you and your family at a very low price. Just think of the luxury home you could afford if you knew how to buy it at a 25% to 35% discount!

1   Probate Homes Course NOW AVAILABLE!


A completely NEW way to make tens of thousands of dollars in real estate!

A probate house is a house that someone has inherited. Many people who inherit a house would like to sell it quickly. They are willing to sell it at a deep discount just to get rid of it quickly so they can get their inheritance money. It is shocking how cheaply you can get probate houses -- and how much money you can make with them!


How To Make Big Money With Probate Houses goes hand in hand with my foreclosure courses. Now you can double the amount of money you can make by getting preforeclosure and probate houses! The people who make the most money in real estate investing know how to find good deals several different ways. Now YOU can do the same. Click here for more information about probate houses!

A real-life example of a deal with a probate house

One of my most recent real estate deals involved a probate house in Maryland. The owner lived in Texas and desperately wanted to get rid of it. He had inherited it and did not want it. He arranged to have me inspect the house. The house was in good condition and needed only a few cosmetic repairs and a new roof. After checking with a real estate agent, I found out that it was worth $210,000.

I made the owner a low offer of $125,000 and he accepted it! I signed a contract with him. I gave him a $20 bill as a deposit on our contract. (I would have given him a $10 bill, but didn't have one at the time.)

Since I had two other house deals going at the same time, I decided to quickly resell the house to an investor and make a fast, easy profit.

I already had an investor lined up and contacted him. He met me at the house and I told him he could buy it for $142,000. The investor had checked the value of the house and knew it was worth $210,000. He was ready to buy it right away!

The investor purchased the house from me for $142,000. This was exactly $17,000 more than I paid for it. Do you see what I did here? I agreed to buy a probate house for $125,000 and quickly resold it for $142,000. This gave me a quick $17,000 profit!

This deal was very easy to do. I filled out a simple real estate contract, then I sold the contract to another person for a fast, easy $17,000 profit. (Don't worry, contracts are easier to use than you think!)

1 Bank Repossessed Homes Course


As you may already be aware, bank repossessed houses can be purchased at prices well below market value. These homes, known as REO (real estate owned) properties are sold at drastic discounts simply because the bank is only looking to earn back the money they are owed, not make a profit. Banks also want to sell these homes as quickly as possible, prompting them to give buyers really great deals.


Buying and selling houses repossessed in bank foreclosures is a very profitable way to make money in real estate. The key to success is to know how to locate these types of properties and how to negotiate with the banks that own them.

You can get REOs at very low prices, then resell them to investors and make big profits. The step-by-step instructions in my third course on home foreclosures, How To Buy Bank Repossessed Houses For Big Profits tell you exactly how to do this!

A real-life example of a deal with a bank repossessed home.

Warning! Don't read this unless you want to hear a scary story where I made a lot of money! How I paid $21,400 for a townhouse worth $130,000!

You can get absolute steals on houses seized through bank foreclosures. One of my most interesting deals involved a townhouse in Dumfries, Virginia that was owned by a bank. Because the property needed a lot of repairs, the bank was very motivated to sell it at a very deep discount.

The bank arranged to have a real estate agent meet me at the property so that I could see the inside of the townhouse before making my offer. Both the real estate agent and I were surprised at what we saw next.

When I say the townhouse needed a lot of repairs, I'm not kidding. Once I was inside, I could not believe what I saw. Before the house was foreclosed on, the former homeowner had tried, without a permit, to hand-dig a wine cellar under his townhouse! In case you are not aware, it is illegal and dangerous to dig a huge hole under your house! Other than the hole that was the size of a bathroom, the property was in very good condition.

Before making my offer to the bank I called the City of Dumfries and asked what I needed to do to fill the hole under the house. They informed me that the hole would need to be filled with cement and sealed up. I called a local cement company and was surprised to find that would only cost a few thousand dollars to fill up the hole.

Now that I knew how much money would need to be spent on repairs, I checked with a local real estate agent to find out the value of the townhouse. The agent told me that the property was worth $130,000. I was now ready to make the bank a very low offer.

I knew that the bank did not want the property and was willing to sell it at a huge discount, so I decided to make a very low offer. I told the bank's real estate agent that I could offer the bank $21,400 for the townhouse. Evidently, the bank thought the property was in worse condition than it was because my offer was accepted! That's right, I paid only $21,400 for a townhouse worth $130,000.

Now that I had a very good deal, I wanted to minimize my risk. I did not want to do any repairs to the property. As soon as my offer to the bank was accepted, I turned right around and "flipped" the property to an investor for $55,000. I told the investor to call the City of Dumfries and verify what I had been told. He checked and realized that problem amounted to filling a hole with cement. The investor was happy to buy a $130,000 townhouse for only $55,000.

All I did was take a property that I paid $21,400 for and "flipped" it to a local investor for $55,000. My profit on this deal was $33,600.

You might be wondering why I don't keep properties and have them fixed up, then resell them for a larger profit. Sometimes I do. However, if I'm in the process of fixing up a house and another good deal comes along at the same time, I'll quickly resell the newer deal to another investor. This way, I'm able to keep looking for more good deals, rather than spend all of my time getting houses fixed up.

You can find great real estate foreclosure deals like this in every area of the country. To make good money in real estate, all you need to know is how to find good deals and resell them to other investors. And don't worry, finding investors is covered in detail in the course.

The real-life deals you've read are no more complicated than they seem. All I did, in each case, was find a property that I could buy at a deep discount, then quickly resold it for a large profit. Each of my three courses will give you easy, step-by-step methods that will teach you how to make big profits with foreclosure real estate -- the exact same way that I'm doing it.

1Foreclosure Auctions Course


There is usually more competition at foreclosure auctions than there is when buying preforeclosures. But what if the homeowner won't sell to you? Or the house is vacant and you can't reach the homeowner before the auction? You don't want to give up on getting a good deal on the house. Another money-making option is to attend the foreclosure auction where you can buy the house at a huge discount.


Thousands of properties get auctioned off every week across the country. Many of these properties are sold for ridiculously low prices. This represents a fantastic opportunity for you to get bargain basement prices on houses, either for yourself or for quick resale. My second course, How To Make Big Money At Foreclosure Auctions , tells you precisely how to accomplish this.

A real-life example of a foreclosure auction deal

I attended a foreclosure auction for a one-bedroom condominium in Falls Church, Virginia. Because of its good location, the condominium was worth $130,000. Guess what? I was the only bidder to show up at the auction.

The bidding started at $57,718. I bid $1 over the opening bid and ended up with the property for only $57,719! Yes, you are reading this correctly. I paid $57,719 for a property worth $130,000. The best part about the deal was that I sold the property the very same day to an investor for $68,000. Since I only paid $57,719 for the property, I made a fast and easy $10,281 profit.

I made a profit of $10,281 for just a few hours of work. You can do the same thing. All you have to do is find a good deal and pass it on to an investor for a large, cash fee.

Imagine how easy it would be for you to find investors in your area who would jump at the chance to buy a property for just over half of its value . My course will teach you an easy, step-by-step method for finding great deals at foreclosure auctions and quickly reselling them for huge profits.


BONUS #1: 2 Audio CDs: Lance Young Answering Questions about Investing in Preforeclosures and Probate Houses

I answer the most common questions about investing in preforeclosures and probate houses. They're not only informative but also a confidence booster!

BONUS #2: How to Buy Property Liens for Pennies on the Dollar and Cash them in for Full Value

This ebook reveals a powerful investment technique that few real estate experts know about. When you buy liens on a property scheduled for a home foreclosure auction, you'll find that creditors will happily accept pennies on the dollar for them. You'll learn the safest way to buy these liens, then cash them in for their full value. Imagine buying a $1,000 lien for $150, then cashing it in for the full $1,000! A whopping $850 profit on a $150 investment! This limited-edition bonus ebook, not otherwise available, is yours to keep FREE just for trying the courses.


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