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It Could Mean the Difference Between Dreaming of a Career in
Real Estate Investment - and Actually Making Money

Dear Future Real Estate Tycoon,

Beginning a career as a real estate investor is exciting - and a bit scary as well.

Even if you've read every word in my Make Money in Real Estate Course,
you may be hesitant to take that first big step.

Those are all valid fears, and they're the reason why so many people who could be adding to their monthly income – or even replacing their jobs entirely while doubling  their income – end up stalled, taking no action at all.

That's why I offer personal coaching to my students.

After a brief period of referring my students to other people's real estate coaching programs, I realized that they weren't getting what they needed
- which is personal advice geared to specific geographical locations with specific market conditions.

When you're trying to decide if a house is a good investment, you don't need someone reading to you from a book (some so called 'coaches' have no real world experience and only know what they have read in books) - you need someone to talk it over with, to examine the details and help you reach a profitable decision.

So I decided to offer a Real Estate Coaching Program Unlike Any Other

Since you're interested in real estate investing, you've probably seen those late night commercials - offering you hugely expensive seminars and / or coaching programs.

Since television advertising is expensive, their aim is to pull in thousands of would-be investors. And when they do, they deliver the same mass-marketed instruction to all their students.

But wait a minute! Real estate is a local business, not a national business. Methods that work in Florida will probably fail miserably in Michigan or Arizona.

That's exactly why my coaching program is tailored to you as an individual - and no one else. I don't mass-market. In fact, I'll only take 5 coaching students at any one time.

And, so that I know each of my students is serious about real estate investment and understands the basics, my coaching is only offered to those who have already studied my Make Money in Real Estate Course.

What does my real estate coaching offer that the others do not?

  Advice from a real-world working real estate investor. Unfortunately, most of the “coaches” you’ll get when you sign on with a major company are merely people paid to read to you from the manual – which you could do yourself! They aren’t real estate investors – they may not even own their own homes!

I’ll give you the benefit of my 25+ years of experience. Real estate investment is how I make my living, and it has been for many years.
  An in-depth initial phone call. We’ll analyze both the real estate market in your specific area, and your personal situation.
  A personal plan of action. After considering the market, the number of hours per week you have to work with, and the money at your disposal, I’ll give you tasks to do before our next call.

And yes, you really can get started with $10 of your own money (which will be used as a deposit on a real estate contract).
  Weekly calls for the next month. Each week we’ll go over what you’ve done and I’ll help you create a plan of action for the coming week.
  Specific help for specific real estate transactions – for a full year. When you find a house you want to consider buying, you can call me and we’ll go over all the details together. I’ll help you decide if it’s a good deal, or if you should pass it by.

And… if you decide to go forward, I’ll go over your offer with you before you present it to the homeowner – just to make sure you haven’t missed a thing.

Then I’ll coach you on how to negotiate. In fact, if you want me to, I’ll even join in on a 3-way call with you and the seller. This is all included in the coaching.
  An affordable price. While those mass-market real estate investment programs can cost anywhere from $3,500 on up to $15,000 – or even more – my coaching is priced at a reasonable $795.
  My guarantee. I can’t guarantee that you’ll make money, because that depends entirely upon the action you take. But if you decide after the initial call that coaching isn’t for you, I’ll refund $595 of your fee – no questions asked – and you’ll still have the plan of action that I’ve suggested for you.

Do you still have questions? Feel free to ask.

My belief is that before committing to any real estate coaching, you have the right to ask questions and get answers - and you should be able to do so without pressure to enroll.

I dislike high-pressure sales tactics as much as you do, and I don't want to be associated with them. So if you'd like to ask a few questions first, you can email me by visiting the contact us page.

If you know you're ready to take the next step...

If you've heard enough and you're ready to get started, just click here to get started now.

Real Estate Investment can change your life

Real estate investment is the one opportunity that enables anyone to become wealthy - even a person who starts out with no money to invest.

  •   Real estate investment has enabled people just like you and me to make
      more money in a single month than we might make in a whole year
      working at a traditional job.
  •   It's been the ticket to freedom from "working for the man" for thousands
      of independent entrepreneurs.
  •   It's been the source of funds for sending kids to college, for taking dream
      vacations, for living an abundant lifestyle - and for generously supporting
      favorite charities.

In fact, real estate investment has created more millionaires over the years than any other venture.

But real estate investment does have it's pitfalls. Mistakes are expensive. And that's why having an experienced real estate investor as your coach is so valuable.

I can help you avoid those expensive mistakes and go straight to making money.

Enroll today, or email with your questions.


The sooner you get started, the sooner your bank account will begin to grow.