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Most folks need a little more help than they can get from a book.

They have questions and worries and "what-ifs." This sometimes keeps them from jumping in when the time is right. They need someone to talk to who can offer sound advice on specific situations.

When I first started real estate investing I probably would have dropped out before I made a dime if it hadn't been for my coach - giving me encouragement and advice as I took those first tentative steps.

And that's why, in the past, I've allowed a coaching company to offer my students their services.

I thought I was doing a good thing ...

I thought I was putting my students in touch with something helpful,
but I was wrong

It turns out that they were getting a whole lot of fluff materials and coaches who weren't even real estate investors. Many were dropping out in confusion after just a couple of coaching sessions - after they had paid a high enrollment fee.

On top of that, when students didn't immediately say yes to the program, they were subjected to high-pressure tactics.

So I asked my assistant to help me do some research, and when she checked out a variety of real estate coaching firms she found some disturbing things.

Some of their "coaches" couldn't answer a simple real estate question without referring to the book! And when she asked about homes they've bought and sold, they "couldn't remember" where any of them were.

Here's what Nancy had to report after spending some time on this research:

I could not, in good conscience, suggest that my students subject themselves to that kind of treatment.

And that's why... now you can have affordable real estate coaching from a working investor. The only drawback is that since I make my living investing in real estate, not coaching, I only have time to take 5 students at a time.


So call today...

The sooner you get started, the sooner your bank account will begin to grow.

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